Men lovin dancing


Role in the Band: NZ front woman and one who keeps the boys in line. A whip is sometimes needed.

Quote: Look out for the toad in the road.

Musical Inspiration: All other hard working musicians out there.

Other Interests: Motorcycle road trips, gardening, learning American Sign Language, being with Bruno.

Recommendations: If you have a Partridge Family lunch box, you should have the matching thermos.

Pet Peeves: An ill fitting thong….I mean song.

Favorite song we play: What’s Up - It’s totally a girl thing.

Talents: Being able to understand and appreciate Greg’s ….humor.

Idols: Tim, Keith, Dave aaaannnndddd Greg !

Family: Mom, Dad, 1 sister, 1 Brother, 2 nieces, 1 nephew on my side, 1 dog (Bruno) and 2 cats (Arrow & Joey).

Advice to Concert Goers: Drink enough to dance your butt off….but not so much you take your clothes off !

Women lovin dancing