Men lovin dancing


Role in the Band: Besides layin down the grooves, I laugh at all jokes told by the band, and test the food before anyone eats it.

Quote: "swing hard in case you hit it" and "I'm just sayin'"

Musical Inspiration: Rick Allen of Def Leppard, Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace, Chad Smith of RHCP, Eric Kretz of Stone Temple Pilots...and my expert drum Teachers and my idols behind the drums, Frankie the "Trash" Babock, Mikey V and Barry Jaeger

Other Interests: When not eating, or repairing light bulbs, I fish for Muskies and Walleyes, play Golf, ride a Harley, watch Formula 1 and chase my girlfriend Lisa Ann around...maybe not in that exact order.

Recommendations: Tell someone when they do a good job, encourage someone when they try their best and fail, Don't worry about what people think of you...and laugh at yourself, it's fun.

Pet Peeves: slow drivers, winter, cold coffee and liars.

Favorite song we play: For Whom the Bell Tolls!, wait, we don't play that one...I would say too many to list...but, you gotta love The Ting Tings!

Talents: Photography, making faces, being tall and dropping drum sticks while playing.

Idols: Johnny Bravo, Underdog and the Green Hornet.

Family: 3 boys, Derek, Shawn and Zak,(all in college!) Lisa and her 3 boys. Mom & Dad, 2 brothers and a sister.

Advice to Concert Goers: Please applaud regardless of the sound, bringing snacks for the band is encouraged...and tell your friends about us!

Women lovin dancing