Men lovin dancing


Role in the Band: Onion (get it...roll), bassist, comedian,agitator,eyebrow raiser, singer.

Quote: "you want answers? I want the truth...YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH".

Musical Inspiration: I like to think I am my own inspiration....and maybe Victor Wooten.

Other Interests: Golf,play music,golf,golf,golf...did I mention golf?

Recommendations: Save a little money out of each paycheck so you can buy your best girl a present without asking her for money.

Pet Peeves: When my windshield wipers make that dry EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK noise...

Favorite song we play: "Lets get it started" B.E.P's has a sweet soul bass line....

Talents: I can drink 3 cups of coffee with cream and sugar before gong to bed and sleep like a rock.

Idols: . Phil Mickelson....what a golfer and an overall good human being and Donald Trump........

Family: Daughter,granddaughter,son in law and my wife of 36 years...

Advice to Concert Goers: Have a good time with Neutral Zone....and tie your shoe laces.

Women lovin dancing