Men lovin dancing


Role in the Band: Lead Guitar and Band leader in ignorance of musical theory.

Quote: "Need's got nothin' to do with it...."

Musical Inspiration: The gods: Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Randy Rhoads. The demigods: Neutral Zone band members....Greg, Dave, Tim and Cathy.

Other Interests: Boats, Bikes and Guitars... Nuff said.

Recommendations: Life is short. Do something fun.

Pet Peeves: My Dog "Orbit"... And CEO's of large companies... Real power should come from a mandate of the masses, not some farsical aquatic ceremony..

Favorite song we play: Possum Kingdom, but there are so many....

Talents: Is "Lethargy" a talent? Either way, I am good at it... I am also quite good at sleeping...

Idols: Jack Black, Monty Python, Scott Pilgrim.

Family: 3 kids smarter than their dad (Angela, Ed, Isabel)... A Bodacious Wife (Laura), an orphan parakeet (Petrie), and the @#&* Dog (Orbit)...

Advice to Concert Goers: Dance... enjoy yourself... let us know what you think...

Women lovin dancing