Hydrography and Morphometry of Geneva Lake

Area of Lake 5,262 acres
Area of Watershed 12,806 acres
Lake Volume (1) 299,182 acre ft (1)
Residence Time (2) 13.9 years
Acres of watershed per acre of Lake 2.4:1
(1) If the volume of water in the lake was spread out at a depth of only one foot the size of the lake would be 299,182 acres.
(2) The “residence time” is estimated as the time required for the full volume of the lake to be replaced once by the inflowing surface and ground waters associated with periods of normal precipitation.
Length of Lake 7.6 miles
Length of Shoreline 20.2 miles
Maximum Width of Lake 2.1 miles
Minimum Width of Lake 0.5 miles
Percent of Lake less than 10 ft 11
Percent of Lake 10 to 70 ft 45
Percent of Lake more than 70 ft 44
Mean Depth 57 ft
Maximum Depth 138 ft