• Lake outlet sampling at the White River.
  • Weekly atmospheric monitoring,
  • Lake sampling, April, June, July, August, September November.
  • Weekly summer beach Sampling for E-coli bacteria
  • Annual Geneva Lake Boat count with Water Safety Patrol
  • Four year assessment of Zebra Mussel impacts on lake bottom.
  • Aquatic Plan survey.
  • Summer zebra mussel monitoring
  • Quarterly Lake Geneva seepage cell monitoring
Report, Plans and Publications:
  • A series of groundwater information sheets to include
    • Groundwater in the Geneva Lake area.
    • Hydrology in the Geneva lake area.
    • Groundwater, why it is important in the Geneva Lake area.
    • Testing your well, why, when and how.
    • Protecting the groundwater.
  • Cooperatively prepare a Lake Management Plan with WDNR, SEWRPC, and USGS, released May 2008.
  • A seven part series of Summary Information Sheet (SIS) on different aspects of Geneva Lake and its management.
  • A Fact Sheet on "Groundwater pumping Near Geneva Lake: Evaluating Its Effect on the Lake", by UW-Extension and Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey.
  • Quarterly newsletter, Geneva Waters.
  • Report on an E-coli bacteria study on Harris Creek, Williams Bay.
  • Annual Mailing 2,500 piece mailing, our major fund raiser.
  • Working with other lake groups and the Geneva Lake communities to prepare a guiding document for the uniform zoning and protection of shorelands around Geneva Lake.
Community Outreach and Education Effort:
  • Working with the Linn Sanitary District the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency will be implementing a Groundwater Information and Education program for residents and communities in the Geneva Lake area that will include the opportunity for residents to sample their private drinking water wells.
  • Ice-On contest
  • Continue to work with all the Geneva Lake communities in their Sanitary Waste Management efforts.
  • Update new web page with lake data and information.
  • Encourage and supply info on Rain Gardens and storm water management.
  • Sponsor college internship and high school job-shadowing
  • Presentation of Agency’s programs and reports to clubs, schools and communities.
  • Co-sponsor scholarships with the Environmental Education Foundation Inc. for area high school students to attend the Natural Resource Career Workshops at The Central Wisconsin Environmental Station.
  • Swimmer's Itch information and education
As a lake management agency, the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency may often be asked to review projects, developments and ordinances within the Geneva Lake Watershed. We will review the project primarily from a sighting, storm water management and construction site erosion control perspective and their impact upon Geneva Lake.