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Introduction by:
Linda Porasso of Kats Korner

Are you enamored by the Big Cats?

I certainly am!
There is no doubt about it ... I think they are gorgeous!

There is nothing better that I can think of than to hug a purring cougar or stroke the beautiful spotted or striped coat of a tiger or leopard ... my favorite being the Snow Leopard.

Since the really big cats most likely would eat you if having a bad hair day and given an opportunity ... I would settle for a smaller cat ... like maybe a Lynx, Serval or other Exotic. But Alas I live in California where they do not want any "wild anything" owned by the average man/woman.

Then I met Nikki Martin of WildTalk ... from that point on I have been educated on the ownership of the big cats. The plus side is listening to a baby cougar, lynx, or pixie bob purring into the phone at 3 am in the morning ... because that is the time it wakes up and ... that is just before she goes to bed after working her tail off locking the big cats down at nite ... plus it is the only real time she has to talk.

Talk about a master of multi-tasking!

The obvious down side was the realization that you can not leave an exotic unattended for the week end should you decide to take a little trip.

Nor can you drag it to the kennel for safe keeping or trust it to the neighbor kid to feed while you are gone.

And it is even more clear that some states do not want exotics traveling thru their territory on route anywhere.

Fighting with state officials to get your animal back is a terrible trauma for a pet ... who is most generally tossed into a cage at the dog pound ... if not immediately destroyed.

As founder of Wolf Alliance International in short order I learned how the government (be it state or federal) are not always working on behalf of the good of animals.

They are paid by "we the people" to protect our wildlife.
Their concept of "protect" certainly differs from mine in many instances. I could jump on my soapbox and editorialize about this subject but will spare you at this time.
For those into editorial nitty gritty stuff you can visit my: Wall of Shame.

So I have decided that my Pixie Bob will have to do and a visit to Nikki and WildTalk will have to fill in for hugging a Lynx or Serval or just maybe holding a baby cougar or leopard if the timing is just right.


If you need information about or help with your CAT

WildTalk offers advice but we DO NOT replace veterinary care!
If your cat appears sick ... go TO YOUR VET ASAP !
For any other type of cat related information, we will gladly help you in any way we can.

Looking for a special kind of kitty?
We are happy to refer you to reputable people who specialize in one breed or another.

Thinking about getting a BIG cat or other exotic?

Exotics require special care, special diets and vitamins,they also require often more than not very specialized habitats.

You certainly wouldn't keep a horse in and apartment or condo. It is critical to the future of all wild cats that people learn and understand about them.

Exotics are wild animals ... ALWAYS ... You may love them, but your exotic may react very differently with others and strangers. Wild animals react differently to stress and danger.

Veterinary care is a BIG consideration ... not all vets have degrees in zoology. Not all vets are equipped to treat exotics and not all vets want to.

Private caretaker ship is a tremendous responsibility. Many states and cities and localities require special permits and have very strict codes. So if you are considering an exotic ... check out some of our links, surf the web, and learn all you can FIRST.

Remember, when we humans make mistakes in judgment, the animal usually pays with its life. Having an exotic is a life long commitment.

Our desire is to educate and inform ... when people have information, it creates awareness, and when people become aware, they take ACTION, and action can have a positive impact and influence in and for the animal kingdom.

We are all connected ... what happens in their habitat today, will impact your own habitat tomorrow.

Wild Talk provides educational programs and wildlife consultations.
We are State and Federally licensed.
and figure if you read this far YOU do too


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