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Roger lived in Milwaukee for many yrs. recently , he had to move to the Delavan Wisc. area , and was not allowed to have his beloved kitty of 18 yrs (April), with him as someone in the group facility, "might" be allergic to cats. Roger was devastated to say the least.

Local Milwaukee humane society wanted roger to pay a 30 dollar fee for an assessment, IF April passed their adoption criteria, they would try and find her a home but did not guarantee it, and should she not pass their adoption criteria, they would euthanize her and keep his 30 dollars for the assessment.(April is 18 yrs old with a kidney problem.)

Roger was heartbroken. he tried all avenues to save his precious life long feline friend and companion, April. with no success.

On a recent visit to Rogers building, where over the yrs, Wildtalk has visited with many special animal friends, from kittens to leopards, mt lions to llamas, baby goats, rabbits and even Zach (the baby lemur), Nikki Martin and Bill Olson heard of Rogers dilemma . Nikki immediately agreed to take April home with her that day, April could stay at Ol son. Roger was very relieved! It was hard enough for him to have to move to a strange city, far from all his friends and family, without adding to the burden, loosing his precious April. April is 18 yrs young, has some kidney problems, but they are simply related to aging. April didn't go to the humane society. Instead she now lives at WildTalk, which purrrfectly, is about 15 mins, a short distance from where roger has moved. April visits with roger as often as possible, once or twice a week. Depending on availability of volunteers.

April is doing really well and even put on a little weight. She had never been on a leash before visiting Rogers new residence and she was like a kitten! playing in the grass, she enjoyed sitting in Rogers lap and was purring the entire time. Roger was thrilled to see April and calls regularly on the phone for updates on his beloved April.

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Kyra and Roger giving April a lot of attention during the visit.

Colleen Lemke and Kyra Lemke have helped volunteer this past month with several home visits as well as Bill Olson coming all the way from Hennipen , Illinois on his vacation time and days off to help with home visits , from Milwaukee to Chicago, and locally, visiting Roger with April.

Roger and April shared a joyous reunion and visit once Roger was settled into his new residence at the Christian League , near Delavan, Wi.

April was an instant hit and is now the "newest, and oldest feline therapy ambassador at WildTalk ."

Kyra Lemke played with April in the grass that day , everyone had an enjoyable afternoon. Several residents enjoyed Aprils visit as well. Little Zachiriah visited Roger as well that day.

Kyra Lemke is a charming as well as pretty volunteer ! Kyra loves animals and visiting people.

Thank you Colleen, Kyra and Bill and Nikki for volunteering your time.


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