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Volume 2 ... Issue 2

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Its been a long hot summer for many of us!!! Hoping it is cooling off for you and your pets a touch. Keeping "pets" cool and safe from heat stroke is a major concern for us all, no matter the species!!

The heat is hardest on the lynx. The domestic cats here seem to do well as long as they are not very young or not up in yrs. The caracal lynx likes the heat. So does the leopard. There were a couple days in the past week that even the caracal was panting .......Max the Siamese rescue is doing well in the heat, his habitat had to be moved to a shadier area. He is handling it better than I had expected. We had sincerely hoped he would be in a private home / adopted by now or at least a full time sponsor . One serval cat that came in as a rescue this month seems fine in the heat, Natasha is 14 this yr., she is inside, where it is cooler, and always has fans on. Upepo does not do well in the heat at all. Normally servals can handle the heat. Upepo has always been our special needs boy. He came close to a heat stroke in June, being in the shade!! A mothers instinct is what saved him. Had I not gone home on a "feeling" , and moved him, he would not have made it to the normal time I get in. Heat stroke is very serious! Do not take it for granted!

Trust your instincts when they kick into gear.!! You are not being a neurotic cat or dog mom or dad. Your wild brain is in action . Trust it, it is usually very correct.

Its definitely a NO , when the heat index is up, to NOT take your dog or cat in the car. No matter how much they may love to ride and go with you. My dog suffers from severe separation anxiety, yet in the heat, I hold a firm line and keep him at home. The internal temperatures of a car or van can heat up in less than 8 mins to over 120 degrees. Dogs and cats / any animal, in those temps, can suffer brain damage. Even seizure or strokes. Many animals die from heat stroke. So in the heat, remember tough love and leave your pets at home in a safe place where they wont over heat!

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