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Winter Newsletter
February, 2001
Volume 5, Number 1

Our Mission
Our goal is to provide sanctuary and education to benefit animals worldwide as well as in our own communities.

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Mike Jenkins

Tammy Wallsch

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Bill Olson

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Bill Olson

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Letter from the President

Letter from the President

The animals and team at WildTalk appreciate and love our members and friends deeply. No matter the species, winter is a challenge. Without the support of some of our members, I donít know how we would have gotten thru December and January. Thank you so much for caring about the animals here at WildTalk. There is not enough space to thank everyone who helped get us through the cold winter months. Yet there are a few very special people that I would like to thank.

Our deepest thanks to Paul Trump for sponsoring Tony the tiger and making it possible to provide Tony with a surgical procedure that saved his life, food for the winter, and simple but often forgotten luxuries, like fresh straw.

Mark Durham has driven from the Chicago area every other weekend to bring in the meat that the big cats eat. We obtain about 1000 lbs of meat from Mr. C's Deli thanks to Dave in Island Park, Illinois (Tony alone eats about 25 pounds of meat per day). WildTalk has not had a vehicle since fall, so I have had to depend on others to bring in supplies that I order from other locations.

Special thanks also to Bill Olson, who also makes a long 2+ hour drive north from the Hennipen, Illinois area each weekend to help Mark with things like getting a truckload or two of straw to reline den areas and cleaning and caring for Tony the tiger. I would also like to thank everyone who donated deer parts or other food, including Cherylís husband, Judy, and Diane.

I want to thank Laurie B. and Tasha for their special Christmas gift to the animals, which was deeply appreciated and much needed.

Finally, I would like to thank The Glass Family, for adopting Kevlar, a very sweet cat with Feline Leukemia who desperately needed a good home, and the Hawley Family, who were the original rescuers of Mark's Chow mix pup, for adopting Snowball, a 10 year old Samoyed dog.

Many times over the years, WildTalk has assisted in disaster situations without hesitation, by providing food, bedding, litter, even housing. We sincerely pray that our members will continue to help by their donations so that the many programs WildTalk provides may continue.

Food and water are very hard for animals to find in winter. A heated water dish may mean the difference of life and death to an animal this year with the deep snows and long term cold temperatures. You can put out some very inexpensive dry food as well and, if you can, a heat lamp. If an animal can get warm, find water and food, the animal will survive even the harshest winter. In a world that is often overwhelming to adults, even a child can help with this simple caring winter project.

Nikki Martin

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