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Flea Tips

1. A more effective flea-drowning agent that soapy water , I find , is isopropyl alcohol. I've had fleas jump out of the soapy water before it could penetrate their shell, but I 've never seen them jump out of alcohol. Just a half inch in the bottom of a small cat food can works purrrfectly. Or any small container. Two good products for helping control and eliminate fleas are FRONTLINE products/ expensive and also BIO SPOT, less expensive and as effective. You can order from REVIVAL vet supplies at a much lower cost than buying retail , their 800 toll free number is (800) 786 - 4751.

2. Cedar shavings, that you buy at any Walmart, if you make a casing, like for cats, fill a pillow case, with a zipper or just sew it up ladies that are sewing inclined and let the cats have that for their bed. The fumes will kill and repel those little flee devils. Works well in dog bedding also , but you need to make bigger casings.(Do NOT use cedar shavings or chips directly on the animal. Be sure it is in a pillow case type caseing.)

3. Ovitrol products are the best that I purrrrsonally have used for over 14 yrs. I have never had any flea problems on any species. You can get Ovitrol from most vets and or REVIVAL/ revival will save you money so you can buy more things for your fur children!