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FYI Your PET could save a life!

"Blood shared, means lives spared"

Many vets and animal centers NEED blood donations from your pets! The average person is not usually aware of these URGENT and critical NEEDS ... we were recently at a facility in Milwaukee, Wisc. area, that is a critical care center, state of the art facility. We learned there of the blood donor program and thought this was an excellent opportunity to tell you, our friends, family and members, of this life saving program. Please, even if you don't live in this area, ASK YOUR LOCAL veterinarian about blood donor needs in your area/ critical care locations and how you can help! This is an area where education and awareness and community participation is critical and will SAVE many pets lives. Its such an easy way for you to help others! We have information available for those attending the WildTalk summer meeting and if you are interested, please contact us, we are happy to help you find how to help in your own geographical area.

In the Midwest/ Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, the ANIMAL EMERGENCY CENTER, has a location in Glendale , Wi. You can also visit their website for more information.

Please contact your local vet and learn more about this life saving procedure!

Even animals need blood transfusions and your pet's donation could save the life of someone else's best friend.

The Animal Emergency Center is always looking for healthy dogs and cats to join our program. Cats and dogs may donate as often as once every two months. Just like people, animals that suffer from trauma, anemia or bleeding disorders, can also require a lifesaving transfusion.

To ensure that all blood products used are of the optimum quality, we have developed certain criteria for evaluating the health status of potential donors. Here is a summary of our requirements for entry into the program:

Age: One to 6 yrs.
Weight: 45 lbs or over
Your dog must be current on rabies and distemper/parvovirus vaccinations. Heartworm status must be negative and your dog must be on preventative medication. Your dog must not have any ongoing health problems or be on medications. There must be no previous history of transfusion therapy. Your dog should have a pleasant disposition.

Age:One to 7 yrs.
Weight : 8 to 15 lbs.
Your cat must be current on rabies and upper respiratory vaccinations. Your cat must be FeLV/FIV/FIP negative. Your cat must not have any ongoing health problems or be on any medications. There must be no previous history of transfusion therapy. Your cat should have a pleasant disposition. Ideally, your cat should be an indoor pet. Forms are available, also you can contact the blood donor coordinator with any questions at (414) 540 - 6710 or FAX (414) 540 - 6720

The Animal Emergency Center in Glendale , Wis. in the Greater Milwaukee area, has a staff of 35 doctors and support staff They work together with other veterinary and medical colleges around the nation, and have helped advance as well as pioneer new areas of critical care. Developing techniques now being used by veterinarians worldwide!

No matter your own geographical location, contact your local veterinarian and ask how your and your pet can help save lives by being volunteer donors! Remember, the life you save may be your neighbors pet!

Your Gift is needed YEAR round for veterinary care!
Direct payment to:
Fox Lake Animal Hospital c/o Dr. Rudawski
161 South, Hwy 12 South
Fox Lake, Illinois 60020

Animals need veterinary care year round. Your gift direct to the animal hospital provides for emergency care, vaccines, spay/neutering, surgery's, medications and veterinary care for the animals that have sanctuary at WildTalk or that come thru WildTalk. Make sure that it is marked for WildTalk/ payable to Fox Lake Animal Hospital. Thank you in advance for caring!