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Never leave your pet in the car when its hot

Never leave any animal, unattended in a vehicle in the heat! Heat Stroke is very serious. Seek immediate veterinary care.

Should your animal show signs of heat stroke, immediately remove to a cooler area, shaded or inside, in the a.c. or fans. wet the animal down with cool water. any water!! Wrap the animal in wet towels, if you are experienced with sub q fluids, get some into the cat immediately. Should you have no experience, take the animal, cat/dog or any species suffering from heat stroke to the nearest veterinary emergency clinic. Or call 911, paramedics are trained to deal with heat strokes. A vet is your best decision. There are many emergency clinics in all areas today. Symptoms include panting excessively, vomiting, and signs of general shock. Even unconsciousness. Its body temp may rise rapidly to 41 degrees C. (106) or higher/ ACT QUICKLY, time counts! After dousing cat/dog etc., with water and wrapping in wet towels. fanning if necessary and moving out of sun to cooler area, seek IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION. And have vet treat animal for shock. Your vet will administer iv / or sub q fluids depending on severity of condition. Quick action will save your pets life.

Here at WILDTALK, our goal is to assist you in information that will help you understand your pet better, help your animals have a better quality life and to share the animals here , as well as our collective knowledge with you, our team members and family at WILDTALK.