WildTalk Newsletter Winter 1999

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

This has been a yr of completeness. A yr. of joy, of sorrow, victory and adversity. I hope those of you on the lynx adoption team will bear with us here at WildTalk, and forgive the tardiness of newsletters, and photos.

Those of you who have, or had Internet connections could reach us often that way, some of you have been so wonderful to call, thank you. For those of you without Internet connections, or phones, I apologize for the tardiness of our communications.

My mother was quite ill this yr, that took priority over much else. She is recovering at home today, but it is a slow recovery after being in intensive care for 17 wks., then the nursing home an additional 2 mos learning to walk again and now home. She was with us for Christmas, but who knows how long in the future?

Those of you who know Kelly, her father suffered a heart attack just prior to Christmas, he is not doing well. Much of our time is divided between the animals and family obligations. Add the tremendous work scheduling and exhibiting weekends, there is little time for much else.

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Rescue work continues full time. Education continues , though we have cut back on some programs due to lack of funds, and personal illness. The animals are well. We have been blessed in that area that there have been no horrendous medical expenses other than the Canadian babies in the spring, Wicca and Summer, the little bob cat babies we also took in. Normal vaccine costs and spay/neuters.

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We have had some never-ending legal costs and they continue to mount as some of you are familiar with "TRAPPER", a 3 yr old, educational ambassador, CANADIAN LYNX, neutered that we took in for safe sanctuary when he was confiscated from his loving owner in September in Will Co. Illinois. A web site has been done for Trapper and his story. When it is complete, those without Internet access will be made copies of his story and mailed a hard copy. Those of you with Internet access will be sent the site location.

Trapper is doing very well. When he came to us he was very thin, literally skin and bones. He has gained all his weight back and is getting a full winter coat. He has acclimated well and is such a gentle loving cat. He is very intelligent and it is heartbreaking to separate him from his bonded, loving family. The laws that should protect a cat of his magnificence, instead put him in harms way and would PREFER to see him euthanized, "killed" and at Burlington Coat Factory!

I will, as long as I breathe, protect Trapper from harms way, meeting him personally, you too would then understand. We need to protect and reverence our "natural resources" and our wildlife, no matter where you live, ARE our natural resources. The Govt. as well as Fish and Wildlife would like to see all wildlife eradicated nation wide. And then, let me ask you this, when all the animals are gone, who do you think is next? Some think domestic pets, .....DATELINE just exposed all that, that which I have been trying to educate the public about for many , many yrs!! Your domestics, dogs and cats, are sold to "other markets" and "third world countries", recently, last week, it was national news that the Burlington Coat Factory was using dog and cat fur in their products.

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