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Can you say these sweet babies should not have a chance to thrive and survive?
These beautiful Canadian Lynx Kittens are considered FOOD, FIBER and FUR.
They were rescued in the spring of 1998 by Wild Talk
These are the lucky 2 that will have an opportunity to thrive and survive!!


On the left is Kanuk and on the right Dakota in the front the lighter kitten and to the back Kanuk. These 2 little beauties were rescued from a Fur Farm. They at least will not end up as a fur coat. If they survive the difficult weeks ahead many young and old alike will have an opportunity to meet a Canadian Lynx in person. Through school career day experiences many children get the thrill of petting one of these magnificent cats.
These 2 kittens are 2 and 1/2 weeks old.


~~Update 8/19/98~~
Adoption Update


Please help save a lynx
This is an opportunity to adopt a lynx....everyone who is part of his release, will share in his entire life, with pics and updates etc and and official adoption certificate. Those who can't take an exotic into their home, can take this little guy into their hearts and share in his future, I need help to save him......

I am focusing much effort to rescuing a Canadian lynx cub....the original plan was to save a Siberian lynx also, but the last storm took most of the cash reserves to repair damages from the storm. The Canadians are so endangered here. It seems the better idea as far as education goes.

Kachinas 1997 fur farm rescue

What goes on in the spring , sickens me, I can only hope to help a couple, and I hope you will help in any way you can to help me help them....even if it is only one, It is ONE that will not be pelted and fed to wolves......We loose more than one lynx,their carcass's are thrown on a bait pile for coyote and wolves to feed on , then the coyote and wolf is shot for its pelt as well. Any fox that come by, any animal for that matter that investigates the bait pile.

We loose 3 to 5 species each time a lynx is pelted. And for what reasoning?? We have better synthetic fibers for clothing, we do not need to KILL all our wildlife.

Wildlife is one of our few natural resources.

I really need your help and any input or ideas you have. We literally have to buy the cats freedom, and the transport costs, I have the transport end worked out. John OD said he would donate a little towards helping rescue the lynx, and he will help with the transport, that would REALLY help as his car uses less gas by tons than mine and he can drive long distances in a short time.

We have about 3 to 4 wks to pull it all together. Word on the street is that one man in the south, will buy up all the kits he can and they will go to the pet trade, those that are not the cream of the crop, about 90%, will be pelted (sold as fur/ fiber and food) and the carcass's fed to wolves and coyote, wonderful end to such a magnificent cat, endangered in many of our states, Wisc, it is one of three animals on the endangered list....Canadian lynx, timber wolf, and pine martin. Furers are gearing up, the Govt is getting ready to deregulate lynx / it will be open season on them, please help this ONE get to freedom, where he will have a life where he is safe and cherished. Where his life will have meaning, where he will be an educational ambassador, and we together will make a positive difference in the animal kingdom....let this little lynx reach freedom, so the lives lost will have meaning, let us take him to schools and groups and teach people what it means in the spring to be a fur farmer....and to the life of a lynx......will you help??

Thanks for any help you can give.
Your generous gift will help make a positive difference in the animal kingdom TODAY!! thank you!!

Please make checks payable to:

P.O. Box 187
Williams Bay, Wisc. 53191


You can help directly if you choose by sending your gift for the Lynx Rescue to :

BabyGirl Hybrid fur farm rescue

Dr.Bohdan Rudawski
Fox Lake Animal Hospital
161 Hwy 12 South
Fox Lake, Illinois 60020
attention/ Kanuk/ LYNX RESCUE Fund....(N.Martin)
please mark your gift exactly as printed above.

Email Ladylynx for more information
Your generous gift will help all the cats to eat and live a long and happy life.
Our goal is to teach one person , to teach one person to CARE!! Preserve and Conserve our natural resources.

If you are a school, class, or scout troop, your group can do a group adoption for a gift of $50, you receive the same benefits as a private sponsor/ with a visit from your baby lynx to your school or scout group, and/or class. Teachers contact WILDTALK for more detailed information.

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