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Because of the vast amount of paperwork to keep up a non-profit status and no one to do that paperwork Wildtalk is giving up their non-profit status.

WildTalk is again a private facility,
still state and federally licenced
We are not funded by any govt. agencies or programs, we survive soley off by the
"gifts and charity" of private individuals that love animals.

Without their gifts or charity, the animals would have to be turned away to other places, those around here are kill facilities, Wildtalk is not. We do encourgage folks to go to St. Francis with smaller animals because for years we have known that they do not kill animals.

Hello WildTalk supporters.

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Linda Porasso and I am the webmistress of WildTalk and have been for a couple of years.
I have for the most part been rather silent about what goes on at WildTalk and just added pages or information when I had the time and it was necessary.
That silence is about to end.
To be perfectly honest something occured with the rescue of Tony and the publishing of this page that gave me pause to think. And to be perfectly frank what I think is certainly not fit to publish on this page in that WildTalk is geared to children of all ages but primarily those still in their formative years.

Someone from the exotic community was very critical and objected to the picture of Tony and Mikie. Now what person with more than 5 brain cells functioning at one time could object to that great picture? This little boy grew up around these cats and Tony was one of his favorites and Tony was an especially gentle tiger. What grown up would not love to have a picture like this taken of them as a child? Those of us fighting to save the wildlife of the world want people to understand mankind can live with the creatures of the wild without the need to totally annihilate them.
This picture is one of the greatest PR pics that I have ever seen showing that.

Does that mean every child and tiger should sit side by side and have their picture taken?....OF COURSE NOT!
Does this complaining woman have an ounce of common sense?....apparently not....and further I guess she does not think we the public have much common sense either because we should be protected from such a photo.....give me a break!

Nikki wanted me to remove the picture to keep peace........I said no! There is no room in our fight to save the animal world for petty backbiting hypocrites which is exactly what I consider people of this ilk. So I talked Nikki into keeping this great picture on Tony's page. I hope all of you who support WildTalk will also love the picture of this little boy sitting with his all time favorite cat.

Now the updates on Tony.

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Here is Tony's new home....everyone at breakneck speed pitched in to get his home in order. The facility where Tony was housed was less than suitable. If I had my way this person would be arrested and jailed for animal abuse. Tony was not fed for at least 1 week....perhaps more. It was critical the house for Tony at WildTalk be put up immediately.
Tony's new home is roughly 20 x 12 x 10 feet high.

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Also moved at the same time were 2 male lions.
WildTalk did not have room or the capability to feed these two boys so there was a scramble to find adequate homes for them also. Finally that was done.

Meet Arthur and Mufasa...Mufasa is the one with the black mane.

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Tony arrived at WildTalk Saturday 7/8/2000

Comments from the trenches:

The enclosure went up literally overnight. Tony is up on the shelf....the shelf doubles as a den roof, all 2x12's there is a slide guillotine gate below so I am able to care for him.

We still have a tremendous amount to do for him but structurally it is in and he is in manageable and safe from tiger hell....the woman who was in charge of the facility where Tony was housed did not feed any of the animals that were there. We have video of rotting meat that was green. Ever see green chicken? She put the meat in the aisle way and didn't feed the cats. Can you imagine being hungry and smelling the burgers rotting over on the side you cant get to it?

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Anita and Tony kissing.

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Left: Kitty hugging the ferret with Tony lounging in his cage.
Right: Mikie and Tony when he was still a yearling.

After looking at these children I ask can you think of
a better reason to pitch in and save these animals?

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WildTalk thanks you for any and all help for Tony and all of the rest here at the facility.

We survive off of your generosity. We still have a wish list: there are many many animals here of many varying species.

cat litter
dry cat food.
chicken. / tigers eat 30 lbs a meat a day
dry dog food.
cat trees
cat balls, the ones like boomer balls,
old bowling balls......we have 14 donated already
fisher price toys for the servals/caracals and domestics

wood chips/bags or pallets



parrot food
dove food
suet feeder refills
cracked corn

anything a ferret would like/ food/treats, toys / ESPECIALLY those ferret tunnels

2x12's 8 ft lengths and 10 ft lengths treated wood ONLY

patio blocks

stuffed toys that are safe / from garage sales

PET GOLD litter/ one of the few safe clumping kind

collards, mustard greens, mixed spring greens, fresh corn, carrots, anything for lizards and prairie dogs

odor ban from sams club
extinct from greenfield 414 321 3221
fax 414 321 5591

sheba cat food/ duck/ turkey / venison for miriya, she has dental problems and all her food must be ground or cut up for her. she does like sheba .

rugs/ scatter rugs/ indoor outdoor/ for the lizards.

towels/ anything you can think and animal can use, it can!!

for the bigger cats/ beer kegs/ empty of course/ huge logs/ empty wire spools those big round tables you guys see that have electrical wiring

litter, litter, litter, wood chips , wood chips, you can get them at menards, dunn lumber, any where that sells western bark chips/ large and medium.

bleach, more bleach, more bleach. pine sol , pine sol.



A big THANK YOU to:
Tim Dunn
Lake Geneva....whose help made it possible to move Tony so quickly to safety.

and also a sincere thank you from Tony the Tiger and the team at WildTalk for every ones concerted efforts and help in getting the cats and other animals OUT of where they were to their safe refuges.

Nothing at WildTalk could be accomplished without your help.


For those of you with websites and would like to link to Tony's page
we thank Karen Chapman for making this great banner.

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Please link the banner to:
the code would be:

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By the way Karen makes some wonderful background sets for the web and they are free.


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