Books by Carol March McLernon will take students on journeys through southwestern Wisconsin in the early lead mining days.

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Adventures with Jack book cover
Adventures with Jack

In the early 1900's, David's pa comes home with the first truck in town. David would like to ride in it. He'd really like to drive it but seems he can't do anything right. Until the bell at St. Augustine's rings to tell of a cave-in at the mine where Pa works.

Idea packet has 10 teacher pages and 22 reproducible student pages with comprehension questions, vocabulary activities, and suggestions for integration with all content areas.

Katie Down the Pike

Five teams of oxen were used to get the bell for St. Augustine's at the New Digs from the riverport of Galena in 1844. Ten-year-old Katie stows away in this fictional account of the event.

Twenty-six page teacher packet contains vocabulary and discussion questions, recipes and patterns for a two-person ox costume or hand puppet. It has many reproducible pages for students.

Thirty-five minute video of a slide presentation tells how the author wrote the book, gives information about the mining area and teaches children how to drive a team of oxen.

Katie Down the Pike book cover
Overlooking Stoneybrook book cover
Overlooking Stoneybrook

It's April 1861 and the boys are talking about the war. Annie wants to do something important, too. In facing a challenge she meets someone readers will recognize as a Union general and U.S. president.

Teacher packet contains a booklet to be illustrated by students telling about the tommy knockers, or knackers, which are the little people who inhabit the Cornish tin mines. It includes 15 reproducable pages for students.

Oxen Drover's Manual can be assembled and read by students to learn how to drive a team of oxen while improving their reading skills. Activities are based on the premise that reading instruction should be a blend of whole language and decoding skills. It can be used with any of the three books.

Spring or Fall classroom visits: With a slide presentation, the author tells about growing up next to a ghost town in southwestern Wisconsin, how to write a book and how to drive a team of oxen or a Model T. Children may be allowed to drive the oxen team the author keeps in a suitcase. Ask about negotiable fees.

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