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This is a new site so please bare with us we started it on 7/29/98                                      ani-hare.gif (14785 bytes)

Hi my name is Robbie Wampner and I show rabbits with my grampa Delbert Wampner. We raise rabbits for show and meat and to sell. My grampa has been raising rabbits for forty years or more and is very good at it. He started teaching me about them when I was about 3 or 4 years old. My dad told me to start a web page on rabbit's and maybe share some information on them.  I'v been showing rabbits for 10 years or so in 4H and going to shows with my family. We ushally have between 350 and 400 rabbits at any given time. We have many differnt breeds and colors. My favorite breed is the New Zealand black. 


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